Car Hire at Alicante airport

Most travellers to Spain are interested in car hire when they’re on holiday in Alicante. But what many people may not realize is that you can save quit some money on your car rental on the Costa Blanca if you plan ahead and do your research. Here are some simple tips to save money on your next holiday in Alicante or whenever you need a rent a car.

Shop around. Research for car hire in Alicante, or any other popular tourist destination in Spain can be best done online and it is important to compare the rates from various car rental companies, travel comparison website or specialized car hire brokers which compare companies against each other.

Book you car hire at Alicante airport ahead of time. Booking early is essential to saving money. You can obviously get off the plane and book your car hire at one of the car rental counters at Alicante airport, but you must be prepared to pay more, much more. Instead, get online and simply look for the best car hire deal available.

If you are planning your holidays several months in advance, check the car hire  prices as soon as possible, because many times, car rental companies will give discounts to early bookers (sometimes called early bird deals).

Consider how much time will you spend in the car in all reality? Whilst on holiday you will be out of the car most of the time. It just makes sense to get a more affordable vehicle and pocket the extra money instead of renting a bigger model.
After signing the car rental agreement make sure that the vehicle is in good shape. Examine the car for scratches, dents, tears in the upholstery or balding tires and if you find any, report them to the car rental representative before leaving. If you don’t, at some companies you may be considered responsible for the costs of those repairs when you return the vehicle.

It is not always necessary to buy extra car insurance from the car rental agency. Most companies will propose and additional insurance cover when you collect the vehicle, but sometimes it’s really not necessary. Make sure that you understand the conditions when you accept the offer of car rental insurance from the agency.

Some car rental companies apply an out of hour service charge if you collect the car after midnight. Do the numbers before you book that cheaper flight with late night arrival, in the end you may have to pay the money saved to the car hire company in Alicante instead of the airline.

Make sure that you fully understand the petrol policy when you collect the car at Alicante airport. Some car hire companies in Alicante may request you to fill up the car and return with a full tank of petrol, others will ask you to return the car as empty as possible and do not refund unused fuel.

Car rental is usually an easy and straightforward process and you can drive around in a great looking car at a great price. Regardless of what area you’re in, try to book your car early and save that money for the holiday itself!

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