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The city of Girona to the north of Spain has much to offer to its visitors from all over the world. Girona airport is very well connected with many european cities which makes it an ideal destination for a short break. The Costa Brava airport is not very far from the city and you can use public transport to travel to Girona or rent a car at Girona airport. Cheap car hire Girona airport is available inside the terminal building from several reputable car hire companies in Spain.

In the modern area of Gerona the district Mercadal, the major financial center where most businesses are located is particularly important. Other key points in the new part of Girona are the  Hospital of Santa Catarina from the 17th century and some modernist houses such as Farinera Teixidor or Casa de la Punxa. If you want to go to the old town you will have to use one of the ten bridges which cross the river.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria in the old town is particulary interesting, with a mixture of styles from different eras. From all angles and positions in the town you can spot the cathedral. The Cathedral can be reached through the Calle de la Force or Jewish Quarter. Here is the Centre Bona Trick ça Porta Institut d’Estudis Nahmanides, where you can enjoy exhibitions, concerts and activities around the Safardische traditions. In the Middle Ages this area was one of the most important Jewish cultural centers in Spain. Today this is a shopping area where you can buy practically everything. In the old town we can also find the Museu de la Ciutat, the city museum dedicated to the history of the city of Girona.

If you leave the district on the left hand side one can finds the Arab Baths in the 12th century. A little further is the Provincial Archaeological Museum, in Romanesque style, located in the Benedictine monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants, from the 12th century. If you follow the typical narrow streets of the old town you will get to the walls which recall the siege of the city in the Middle Ages. If you visit the city with a rental car, leave the vehicle in one of the car parks. It is best to discover the old town of Girona without your hire car.

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