Granada – Route to the Pico de La Maroma

The ascent of the highest peak in the Poniente Granadino con be made both on foot and on horseback. It is a long hike (minimum 8 hours), and has a medium/high difficulty rating. For this reason, it is important to do some training before making the ascent.

In order to reach the starting point, take the C-335 between Ventas de Zafarraya and Alhama de Granada, as far as the Restaurant Caños de la Alcaicería, on a steep curve, just before crossing the Arroyo de la Madre. Qn the right, a path in perfect conditions leads to the starting point: the Robledal farmhouse. From here, continue on foot, taking the path to the left, next to a shady pine wood. After two curves, there is a turning to the left, which should be ignored. Ihe path continues to rise, as far as a new crossing at which, go to the left. From here, drop down, and pass a small plain, with a small spring, and cross the Presillejos stream. This area is known as Los Barracones, and contains the old houses of the workers involved in the repopulation of the mountains 40 years ago. Carrying on along the same path, keep climbing through a leafy scrub oak and pine wood, which ends suddenly in a small clearing known as the Corrales de Martín. Climb through the pinewood itself, as far as a path marked with green signs. From this point, continuing on the path will not present any complications.

The path passes by the Cantaero cliff, a spectacular viewing spot, and the Rolas hills, which are most splendid in autumn. After a steep ascent, some green arrows on the rock point out the path, in case of uncertainty. A little while later, the path and the signs fade away. Carry on straight, crossing a small group of pines, towards a cliff known as the Salto del Caballo, at the base of which, is the path which leads to the Puerto de las Loberas.

At this point, the path turns to the left, and leads towards the Llanadas de Sedella, first passing the spring and the cave of Tacita de Plata. Once there, there are two options for climbing to the peak of La Maroma; crossing the hill to the left, and following the remains of an old path, or walking along next to the cliff on the North face. Both options mean walking for about a kilometre across a wide plain, before reaching the geodesic platform which marks the peak of La Maroma.

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