Nature in its purest form

To speak of the Poniente Granadino is to speak of Nature in its purest form. This zone is criss-crossed with mountain ranges and river systems, of which the River Genil, final destination of many smaller streams, stands out. This wealth of rivers, together with the presence of the Granada Basin make the territory a rnosaic of differen landscapes, presided over by steep mountains and well-defined valleys.

The Southern part of the Ponient Granadino is the most mountainous. In fact this is where the highest peaks are found, such as the Pico de La Maroma. in the Sierra de Tejeda-Almijara. Its characteristic gorge of more than 2 km in length can be observed from the town of  AIhama de Granada. And, taking advantage of the broken landscape, the Bermejales dam has become one of the most important hydrographic resources in the Poniente Granadino.

The central area is a transitional zone from mountain to river plains. Here we find the Sierra de Loja, formed from a limestone mass in which the most complete karst formations in the province are to be found. A good example of this is the impressive Polje de Zafarraya. Not far from there, Mediterranean woodland appears in the Dehesa de los Montes and in Fuente Camacho, in the municipality of Loja. Further to the East is the enclave of the Infiernos Altos (high infernos), and its waterfall, the Cola de Caballo (horse’s tail).

The Northern zone is much less mountainous, with smoothly wooded hills alternating with extensive olive and cereal fields. One of the most beautiful spots is the Sierra de Parapanda, where springs abound, amoug the extensive pine forests. From here it is not hard to make out the profile of Montefrío, where the so-called Peña de los Gitanos (Hill of the Gypsies) is to be found, a place chosen by Neolithic man to settle and carry out burials.

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