Poniente Granadino – Flora and Fauna

The variety of vegetation is one of the determining factors in the richness of the landscape in the Poniente Granadino. In the lower latitudes, the cultivated fields and olive groves combine with the traditional Mediterranean scrub oak woodlands. Together with scrub oak, grow various species typical of the region: peonies, agracejos, majuelos, wild roses, durillos, thyme and rosemary. In the shadier areas grow cork oaks and oaktrees, sheltering mushrooms around their roots in autumn.

Along the banks of the streams and creeks grow white and black poplars, osiers, rushes and brambies, which create real oases where the hiker can find peace and quiet. But, as we go further into the mountains, various different species of pine come to dominate the land. They only seem to accept the additional presence of some mostajos, maples, and, of course, the characteristic yew (tejo), which gives its name to the Sierra de la Tejada. Finally, at the mountain tops, only the scots pine and the piorno, can stand the extreme temperatures of the higher regions. We must not forget the abundant presence of herbaceous species which show their beauty at ground level. There are lilies, orchids, numerous grasses, and thistles, which give so much colour the fields of the Poniente Granadino.

The fauna is another of the great attractions of the region. The hunting enthusiast will especially enjoy the abundance of rabbits, hares, red-legged partridges, turtle doves and collared doves. Out of range to the hunter, but often visible, are some of the birds of prey which soar through the skies of the Poniente Granadino – goshawks, dwarf eagles, and snake-eating eagles, royal owls, and little owls. The badger, the marten, the fox, the mountain goat and the wild boar complete the extensive list of mammals which populate these mountains, which also give shelter, among their rocks, to beautiful and slippery reptiles, such as the glass snake, horseshoe snake, the green 1izard, and the leprous tortoise.
The rivers are also full of animal life. Trout, barbels, carp, water snakes and river crabs fight for supremacy in the aquatic kingdom with toads and frogs, whilst blackbirds and nightingales look on, uncertainly, from the nearby riverside trees.

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