Tips for Travelling by Car with Young Children

A holiday abroad should always be fun, but when you travel with young children and need to rent a car from the airport to your holiday destination, you should take a few moments to read the following tips to make the trip fun andcomfortable. Remember that if the children enjoy the journey you will normally have a great time yourself.

If children get car-sick easily, it is best to give them something to eat or drink and to wait a while before getting into the car. Take advantage of the time you have to wait for your luggage or at the car hire counter in the airport to avoid unnecessary delays.

Get a detailed roadmap at home or check the internet for the latest information on the journey from the airport to your destination. Work out how often you would need a break and plan plenty of stops when driving for a long time. It’s necessary to stop minimum 20 minutes every two hours, trying to go non-stop only leads to accidents. Check the corresponding motorway exits for convenient stops where your children can get out of the car and run around a while.

Try to stop at playgrounds where they can play safely. Take some time to relax and stretch your legs yourself. Your journey will take a bit longer but it will be a relaxed start of your holiday.

All kids love to play so make sure to have their favourite toys, dolls or teddy bears ready in your hand luggage. Make sure to pack at least one familiar object like a favourite toy or a special blanket for every child.

Music is also a great way to keep your children occupied in the car. All modern rental cars come with radio nowadays, but the suppliers do not normally guarantee if it is equipped with CD or tape deck. Do not take the change and make sure to pack your children’s favourite music both on CD and on tape.

Books with multi-colour images or colouring books with pencils are also a great alternative. If you do not suffer from car sickness yourself reading a story for the children is also a good way to keep them occupied for a while and help the time pass more quickly.

If you can afford it consider a portable DVD player. A portable DVD player is worthwhile the money, it will keep your children busy for hours in the car but at the airports as well. It also comes very handy at your holiday destination during the hot siesta hours or on a rainy day.

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