Information about Murcia

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The history of Murcia is full of surprises. The city was founded by the Moors. The settlement in this part of Spain can mainly be credited to fertile lands on the banks of the river Segura. While the valley has been inhabited for almost 2000 years, the foundation of the city was not laid until the nineth century.

If you are visiting Murcia, you head over to San Pedro or Santa Catalina and the Plaza de las Flores for a stunningly picturesque view of the city. Also, take the time out to end your tour of the city in the gorgeous Paseo del Malecón,  a stretch of land which joins the irrigated green lands of the region with the urban area of the city. The old town, located on the banks of the Segura river, is a popular destination for tourists who come to do some sightseeing and has retained its historical streets named after the guilds that worked there.

The best place to go for an incredible view of the city is the La Fuensanta Sanctuary in the mountains behind Murcia. From El Valle the views are also excellen